contemporary photography
contemporary photography


Andrew Phelps is an American photographer who has been living in Europe since 1990. His work is influenced by the cross-cultural lifestyle he now leads, dividing his time between the deserts of Arizona and the Alps of Austria. He works as a curator and board member of the  GALERIE FOTOHOF in Salzburg. Alongside a constant pursuit of new work, Andrew keeps a blog about special edition photography books called BUFFET. Andrew is a member of the PIECE OF CAKE project.

awards and grants:
2012 ”Haboob” shortlisted in the German Photo Book award.

2009 “Not Niigata” shortlisted in the German Photo Book award.

2008 “Higley” shortlisted in the Arles book list

2008 “Higley” shortlisted in German Photo Book award

2005 Jahresstipendium Land Salzburg

2003 Projects stipend Salzburger Kunstverein

2001 Projects stipend, Austrian Ministry of Culture

2000 Nat. prize for Photo., Austrian Ministry of Culture

1997 London stipend, Austrian Ministry of Culture

1995 Budapest stipend from city of Salzburg, A

solo exhibitions (selection)
2013 Galerie LhGWR, The Haag, N: „On the Edge“
2012 Galerie Robert Morat, Hamburg, D: “Haboob”

2012 Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, A: “720-two times around”

2011 Galerie Jo Van De Loo, München, D: ”GIPFEL”

2010 Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, A: ”Synchronicity”

2010 Gallery Robert Morat, Hamburg, D: ”NOT NIIGATA”

2009 Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Webster Univ. Vienna, A: ”Baghdad Suite”

2008 Gallery Robert Morat, Hamburg, D: ”Higley”

2008 Harper Levine, E. Hampton, NY, USA: ”Higley”

2007 Galerie Simone Feichtner, Linz, A: ”Some portraits, Some landscapes” with Paul Kranzler

2007 Landesgalerie Linz,A: ”Higley”

2007 Galerie Simone Feichtner, Linz,A: ”Baghdad Suite”
group exhibitions (selection)
2011 Galerie 5020, Salzburg, A: ”Living on the Edge of a Silver Furture”

2011 Epicentro, Berlin, D: ”SIGHT_SEEING” (Book)

2011 Nordico, Linz, Austria: ”Im Garten” (Book)

2011  FO.KU.S, Innsbruck, A: ”SIGHT_SEEING” (Book)

2010 Phoeinx Art Museum, Ariz., USA: ”Exposing Time”

2010 Galerie Schütte, Essen, D: ”FAKE AND REAL”
2010 Landesmuseum Upper Austria, Linz, A: ”New Topographics, revisited” (Book)

2009 SI FEST, Savignano, I: ”Global Photography, Looking at/Looking for” (Catalogue)

2009 Fotomuseum Burghausen, D: ”Landscape Contemporary”

2008 FFI Frankfurt, D: ”How To Hang a Book”