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AnzenbergerGallery sells limited edition and/or signed photographs from contemporary photographers and also some historical works within our cooperation with the Austrian National Library.

Beside that we just simply want to show to a photography interested audience the treasures of works our photographers produce on their own assignment.

AnzenbergerGallery offers silver gelatin prints made by the photographers themselves or under their supervision, and digital prints on the highest possible and last archival standards.

We offer an ever growing group of photographers and artwork from around the world and hope you enjoy our gallery and photographers.

How to buy:
All prices are in Euro without taxes and excluding 10 % VAT (only for EU countries to pay). You may pay by bank transfer or Visa card.

Some of the photographs are mounted on cardboard or aluminium (see in the detailed description with the single photograph). Mats have to be ordered separately.

If you wish to buy a photograph please CLICK the BUY button and you will be asked for the details we need to dispatch your order. Fill in the form and submit it. After submitting your offer, you will be notified with an Order Confirmation by e-mail. This confirmation will include all details of your order in English language. Within 48 working-hours you will receive an invoice about the total costs of your order including postage by courier or shipping charged at cost. Please confirm then the contract.

Alternatively you may call us by phone during working hours (GMT +1) at +43-1-5878251 or write us by e-mail to: gallery@anzenberger.com or by postal mail to:
AnzenbergerGallery, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna, Austria.

Please note that the most up-to-date prices are available online.
If errors or omissions made due to human error are found, you will be notified before the item order is processed.

How do I cancel an item?
Simply mail to gallery@anzenberger.com
You may also cancel your order within seven working days after receipt of the photographs. In case of such a cancellation you have immediately to send back the said items on your costs and your risks. Any damage of the prints makes them unusable and you will have to fully pay them inspite of the withdrawal from the contract. Charging of an adequate utilization fee is preserved.

Shipping and Handling:
Possible to all countries.
Prices shown exclude 10 % VAT (only for EU countries to pay)  and shipping or courier costs.
An email will be sent to you to confirm the postage cost for your order. Please provide your correct postal and email address.
Due to data protection laws in different countries, it is not always possible to accept your orders.
A name and address check for delivery will then be made. Please make sure you have entered the correct e-mail and posting details on your order form.

Time of Delivery:
Once the invoice is fully paid, the photography works will be sent to the address on the order confirmation. We will not be held responsible for any bank charges, or differences in exchange rates occurred.
We will inform you by email in which time we can proceed your order. The average delivery (after payment) will take at least 14 working days.
If goods have not been received in 15 working days after our shipment confirmation, customer services must be contacted by telephone +43-1-587 82 51 or e-mail to:  gallery@anzenberger.com

Sold Out Policy:
If an item that is ordered is found to be sold out at the time of processing, the customer will be e-mailed or telephoned.

Privacy Policy:  
AnzenbergerGallery respects your concern about the privacy of any information you supply while at our site and we will not disclose or sell customer information to any third parties without your express consent. Cookies operate on this site, but only to keep track of the contents of your buying when selected an item.

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Informations about Photography Care:
Like all works of art, certain conditions will help ensure that your photographic prints remain in excellent condition. Here is some key information that will help you maintain your pieces.

All works on paper, especially photography, are vulnerable to UV rays. Too much direct light can lead to changes in print texture and discoloration. You need to keep in mind the benefits of light for viewing your artwork and its potential dangers.

Artworks should not be hung in direct sunlight or on the same walls as windows. This will place the piece in direct danger of UV rays. If your home is filled with bright light (direct or indirect) you may want to store the piece in a closet or draw the curtains if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.

Artificial light can also be harmful, especially halogen lights and direct spotlights. Remember that light also creates heat, so works can literally be "cooked" if exposed to constant artificial light. As a rule of thumb, keep artificial lights at least 25 -30 cm away from the surface of the work.

Photographic prints will be adversely affected by heat, water and overly humid conditions. You will notice a buckling of the print surface and even discoloration. Avoid hanging photographs in rooms with high moisture content, such as bathrooms and sauna areas. Also be careful of areas where liquid spills are likely, such as sinks, food preparation areas, and bar areas. Do not display artwork near heat sources (such as stove tops or radiators).

We are using the highest quality acid-free archival materials and acid-free mat board. If you choose to remat your work or have it framed, please keep in mind the following factors:

Because photographic prints are sensitive to acidity levels, always request a low-acid or acid-free mount and mat.
Never use standard adhesive tape, or regular masking tape for holding your print in place. These tools are not acid-free, and will also leave residue behind. Over time, this will affect the quality of the print. Always request acid-free framing tapes.
Ultraviolet (UV) resistant glass and Plexiglas will block out harmful light rays, and will extend the life of the piece. Plexiglas is frequently used in framing art because it is lightweight and break-resistant. If you decide to use glass, non-shatter glass will ensure that should a breakage occur, the artwork will not be damaged.
Glass should not be pressed directly onto the image surface. This can damage the surface of photographs and lead to humidity on the surface of the artwork. Request that your print be framed with an air gap between the print surface and the glass.

Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for damages of bad care.