In photographing various countries in Europe Hana Jakrlova wanted to show what naturally connects us as Europeans, whatever is specific there is about our countries and in which aspects we all differ.
Europe does not only mean cultural cities and centres of social life, it also means the countries on the margins. Hana Jakrlova photographed developed countries of Western Europe {France, England, Italy etc} as well as emerging democracies of the East {Albania, Rumania, Russia etc}. She also included “far North” {Norway, Iceland, etc} as well as “far South” { Greece, Turkey} .
Her photographs of EUROPEANS do not try to be a sociological-documentary analysis. She tries to capture the atmosphere and genius loci of the places in Europe, that she photographs.

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Great Britain, Scotland, Isle of Sky, 1997

Belgium, Brussels, 1999

Finland, Helsinki, 1999

Norway, Bergen, 1999

Ireland, Gallway, 2000

Italy, Bologna, 1999

Finland, Helsinki, 1999

Hungary, Budapest, 2001

Poland, Cracow, 1999

Serbia, Beograd, 2001

France, Avignon, 1999

Ukraine, Kiev, 2001