arev real estate

A corporate assignment by Arev real estate company for a permanent exhibition in their office spaces in Linz and Vienna.

"The character of a painting takes on new life in the space that surrounds it"

Our idea: follow the best pictures of the painter Alexander Waltner to the loveliest locations at their collectors. To track them down to the places where they are now achieving their full effect. But also to see the new owners in their relationship with the pictures. What are their surroundings when they are brushing their teeth, working, playing, relaxing, falling asleep or getting up in the morning?
Alexander Waltner’s pictures take on new life in an environment shared with their owners and visitors. Tension and relaxation, communication, meditation, the enjoyment of art, a feast for the eyes, visual composition, Inspiration, identification, decoration: there are many possibilities.
As a photographer used to covering people, Andrei Liankevich has created these new compositions with great sensitivity. With enormous skill and care he has captured Alexander Waltner's paintings in their spatial interaction with people, thus creating completely new works. They provide a fresh view of these paintings as well as important insights into a scene that usually remains closed to the public. These are scenes of living, garden and office spaces with the powerful works of the painter Alexander Waltner and perfect for an exhibition at a real estate company like Arev who deals with these themes every day.