The Collection of Autochrome Plates 1907-1913

The photographer Heinrich Kühn was born in Dresden in 1866 and lived in Innsbruck and Birgitz from 1888 until his death in 1944. Heinrich Kühn is considered to be one of the most important practitioners and theorists of artistic photography in Europe and his photographs were shown in all the famous international
galleries. He had contact with the most renowned photographers of his period including Frank Eugene, Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz. As early as in 1908, Kühn’s works were published in Stieglitz’s magazine “Camera Work”, as well as in “The Studio”.

The Picture Archive of the Austrian National Library in Vienna has the largest collection in the world with 214 autochromes from Kuehn‘s estate. A portfolio of 12 outstanding reprints from these Lumière plates are exclusively presented on archival material. The authenticity – numbered consecutively from 1 to 30 with 5 author’s copies – is guaranteed by a signed certifictate from the Director of the Austrian National Library. Finally it is possible to obtain these precious color photographs as a limited edition making it a „must have“ for any collector.

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