De luxe book plus print edition of 54 signed and numbered copies including a fine art silver gelatin print in a white box and a real flower in the beginning of the book which makes each book unique. The print can be chosen from 10 different motifs. The book includes a text essay by the reknown German golf book author Eugen Pletsch.

"My very first golf lessons were led by an American golf pro called Will. During our lessons Will would suggest to us that we look around us and let the nature surroundings soak in as part of the golf experience. He also suggested that we carry a small notebook in our golfbag where we could write down specific experiences we had as we played. As an artist that really appreciates nature, I welcomed this suggestion and immediately started such a notebook.   In addition to writing a few lines in the book, I also began to collect flowers, feathers, leaves, etc. ...whetever I could find laying around the course to help illustrate what my personal experience was like at the time.

In preparing this book I wanted to make it somewhat special, capturing my own vision of what golf means to me and I came across this notebook with my personal experiences and all the small treasures I have collected during my two years of golfing..."

Regina Anzenberger, January 2011

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